In the past I have made excuses to avoid working out or eating properly while traveling. I felt that if I was traveling I should take advantage of all the food and don’t waste time worrying about fitting workouts in. I have also taken the opposite stance and spent energy stressing about working out and avoiding the amazing cultural cuisine because it didn’t fit in my “routine”.  

I’m not upset about past decisions, life is about walking different paths and exploring what works best for you. Although I have a lot more traveling to do in my life these are my latest methods for staying “on track” while traveling, without diminishing the experience.


1.  Throw away “the plan”  I have found this really helpful while traveling, although I think having a specific regime is important, on vacation and or while traveling there are too many unexpected obstacles to remain strictly regimented. Let go and have fun with the process, the goal is to stimulate and challenge your body. No one cares if you didn’t get to do your 3 sets of 10 stability ball leg curls. My workouts on vacation have consisted of runs on the beach with bodyweight squats, lunges, planks etc.  If I have find a local gym that has the essentials and lets me follow my routine awesome but I’m not ruling out a workout because I can’t find a gym.  

2.  New Experiences – Some of my best workouts have been a result of trying something new. Anything new will challenge your body and it doesn’t have to look like a workout to be one. Try a surf lesson, beach body-weight workout, hike a mountain, or a dance class in NYC  etc. You may risk looking silly but who cares, it’s unlikely you will ever see these people again and likely the only person paying attention to your floundering seal act is you!

3.  Pack the essentials – I always bring exercises bands, lacrosse balls for rolling out and a TRX. These items take up limited space in your luggage and make it easy for you to get in a workout. TRX’s can be hung from trees on the beach and bands can be used anywhere.


1.  Pack your own fuel – Biosteel sports supplements has saved my butt traveling.  First of all the pink drink (high performance sports drink-HPSD) is essential, especially when I am climbing a mountain in 35 degree weather and need amino acids and electrolytes to get me through. HPSD is all natural, and is colored with beets (I love beets, they are amazing for athletes). Having protein powder available is key for my morning green smoothies and Biosteel’s vegan protein powder not only tastes delicious but it is made with the highest quality ingredients (as are all of their products).Lastly I can get pretty “hangry” so having Biosteel’s nutritional bars with me has been a huge lifesaver. I can’t compliment this brand enough, from the highest quality ingredients to the best people behind the brand, I have straight love for Biosteel. Get these amazing products plus some awesome gear here.

2.  Avoid throwing away all of your normal healthy habits while traveling – Although things are going to be different while traveling try not to “throw it all away”. Often times we think if we try that deep dish pizza in Chicago it means that we should just bury ourself under poor nutritional choices for the rest of the meals because we have already had ONE not so healthy choice. Don’t fall into this trap, it is just one meal and it doesn’t have to define your whole trip. Plus your body will thank you when you return to everyday life. For example, if at home you make green smoothies or juices everyday (like me), bring your magic bullet, it will start of your day with a ton of nutrients and probably save you some money while travelling. Perhaps your healthy nutrition habit is protein and ton of veggies for dinner, although you might not be preparing it find a restaurant that accommodates your diet, it will only take a few extra minutes at most.

3.  Take advantage of new different cuisine – I am not very picky when it comes to food so often when I am out I will ask for recommendations from servers.  You may be taking small risks but my goal of travelling (and life) is to get outside my comfort zone. Try the local fish dish; you can always ask for extra veggies on the side instead of rich and heavy sides. When you get home everyone will want to talk about the food so you best have sampled it all.

There you have it, my top suggestions for making the most out of your wellness while traveling.

Go explore the world, just remember to #eatyourveggies

Sylvie (OG Lifestyles)


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