See what Clients are saying about Sylvie

“What a blessing to have Sylvie in my life! Her authentic, heartfelt approach to my overall health & well being has changed my life.

Sylvie is able to connect with her clients on a deep & very personal level. I truly believe that Sylvie has found her calling.”

— Miranda Sheppard

“Sylvie’s Inner Athlete Program is tremendously effective at taking your personal performance to the next level. Not only is she incredibly talented and knowledgeable, she is also highly attuned to your personal needs as a client. She listens intently, and her coaching style allows you both to discover paths forward that you may not have considered before, but end up allowing you to break through to the next level of personal performance. Nutrition is a deeply personal thing, and Sylvie invests a lot of one-on-one time getting to know you, your goals, your body, and what works best for you as an individual. I can’t wait to collaborate with Sylvie again in the future. Thank you!”

— Justin Smith

“In order to maintain my health and fitness levels, I sought out the advice of a professional in both fitness and nutrition. Sylvie continues to provide guidance and advice to support my goals. We have been working together for more than three years, I would absolutely endorse Sylvie for anyone truly interested in their well being”

— Dan O'Toole

“I had no consistency in my eating patterns, also too busy like everyone else, so struggled with energy levels throughout the day. Sylvie with her ” Inner Athlete Program ” not only gave me a better approach and routine to whole foods nutrition but also explained my bodies response to each meal and nutritional snacking throughout each day, week and month.”

— Joe Corrado

“This program is a deep dive into what it means to eat in a healthy way and the best part is that it is personalized to each individual. For some, it will be about learning what to eat, when to eat it, and why and that will have a massive impact on their well-being. For me, I got all of that and something that, personally was just as important; I learned about the relationship I have with food. Never had I considered how I feel when I eat. After spending weeks writing down those feelings and then discussing them with Sylvie I was able to understand what triggers, circumstances and deeply ingrained notions drove my eating habits. Undoing those habits is a significant lifestyle change for me and I know that it will not happen over a couple of months but after going through the Inner Athlete program, I feel like I have the building blocks for long-term success.”
— Kyle Koch

“I have been with Sylvie for about 3 years now and I can honestly say she has become like a sister to me. She challenges me to be to pursue my very best self through fitness and health.”

— Kylie Fung

“I have worked with Sylvie for a number of years and believe she is a very talented professional in the wellness industry with expertise in functional training, holistic nutrition, and recovery strategies. While very talented in all areas, I believe Sylvie’s greatest strength is her ability to integrate all these facets of wellness into individualized plans that give her clients the greatest opportunity for success. She recognizes that every client is unique and remains focussed on their individual needs to create a framework that offers them a healthy lifestyle.”

— Gary Roberts (NHL 23 year Alumni)

“I have worked with a number of trainers and nutritionists over the years, with varying levels of success… and then along came Sylvie and her Inner Athlete Program. The program itself is fabulous, but what makes it stand out from any other program I’ve ever been involved with is Sylvie. Sylvie took a genuine interest in me. She took the time to get to know me, to understand what it was I wanted to achieve, what my challenges were, and then she worked with me to design a solution specifically for me. AND she didn’t just disappear at the end of the 8 weeks…not that she could have gotten rid of me even if she wanted to!”
— Lori Braun

“If you are someone who, like me, eats well and exercises regularly but isn’t quite seeing the results you want (but who is also not willing to diet or count macros), Sylvie is your girl. I’m a nutritionist, so I know how to eat well and despite exercising very regularly, I was always feeling bloated and puffy and couldn’t figure out what was going on. Because of Sylvie’s background with high-performance athletes, I knew she would be the person who could help me figure out where I was going wrong. From the very beginning, she was open and flexible to developing a program that fit my busy, active lifestyle and was able to easily identify some subtle (but incredibly impactful) areas of my diet and lifestyle that were contributing to me not being able to reach my goals. Within one week of implementing her program, I saw marked changes in my physique to the point that I was getting total strangers commenting on the definition in my upper body (which previously was hidden under a layer of inflammation I just couldn’t get rid of). It just goes to show you that everyone can benefit from a coach and that it doesn’t always take drastic changes to see big results. I am so thankful to Sylvie for taking me on as a client even though I didn’t have a “big goal”, for EDUCATING me so that I understand better what my own body needs to thrive and for being so committed helping me make changes I can easily maintain. I would not hesitate to recommend Sylvie to anyone who needs the support of a coach and if my goals change and I need support again, I would hire Sylvie again in a heartbeat.”

— Samantha Ushedo


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