It seems as though everyone is rushing around trying to fit in a million and one things into a 24-hour period. Unfortunately, those vital things that keep us going are often the things that get side lined such as eating healthy, sleeping and taking time to breathe and calm down. Taking time to prepare meals can be put on hold and quick unhealthy options seem like the only choice. One of my strategies for dealing with a busy schedule is to always carry a snack bag with you.

I have regular “snack attacks” and you will rarely see me without my “snack bag” because I eat 5-6 smaller meals per day instead of 3 large meals.  I recommend eating smaller meals and snacks throughout the day to help assist in proper digestion. These meals and snacks should include specific combinations (2 or 3 of the following):

  • Protein – It helps to fill us up throughout the day and assist in cell growth/rejuvenation.
  • Fibre – It also helps to keep us full / assist in proper digestion.
  • Complex Carbohydrates – Help to keep a steady level of energy throughout the day and contain fibre.(mentioned above)
  • Healthy Fats – Assist our bodies in proper recovery and help to reduce inflammation.

Recently I helped a close friend: Janey Brown (badass signer/songwriter and yoga/meditation instructor) re-vamp her snack bag. Check out our video here:

Janey is a very busy person between her music career and teaching yoga/ meditation she is often on the go and this leaves very little time for meal preparation. Janey already had the great habit of carrying around a snack bag but despite it she still had low energy and would sometimes feel foggy throughout the day. WTF BRO??

 Janey’s Snack Bag (PreOG – Which stands for Pre Organic Gingerfication):

  • Protein bars – I will sometimes recommend certain companies to help increase protein consumption throughout the day (Biosteel, GoMacro bars, Raw Revolution etc.) most of them are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients.


  • Meat sticks – They are a source of protein I do not recommend snacking on them, unless it is a high quality beef jerky like Beretta Farms. Meat sticks are typically loaded with salt and nitrates, which have been linked to a number of health issues.


  • Chocolate covered coffee beans – In small portions these are fine but it is a combination of a sugar and stimulant (caffeine) so be careful. The issue here is that although the sugar and the caffeine will likely give you an initial burst of energy it will fade quickly leaving you as tired as before.


  • Sugar Free Energy Drinks – Although perceived as a “healthier” choice due to the lack of sugar, they contain artificial sweeteners, which can mimic sugar in our body, and trick our bodies into thinking they are sugar and can still lead to insulin resistance. Another BIG flag concerning artificial sweeteners is the link connecting them to brain fog and other neurological issues.


  • Cashew Cookies – These cookies had decent ingredients but the biggest issue is that they are again filled with more sugar. This can cause peaks and valleys in energy levels and lead to insulin resistance as a result of the constant rapid blood sugar level increase.

I brought the bag into the kitchen for an overhaul and this is the product PostOG:

  • Include green juices and smoothies throughout her day. This will increase her overall nutrient consumption for the day without struggling to eat a ton of veggies and fruit. Green juices are the best natural way to get a much needed energy boost without using caffeine or stimulants.
    • Replacing her cashew cookies with nut butter and sliced apple. Apples are very nutrient dense and are a great source of energy plus they are high in fibre. Natural nut butter is also a great source protein and fibre.
    • Including savory snacks like kale chips and trail mix. This will satisfy Janey’s craving and provide her body with healthy fats and protein.
    •  Including raw veggies or whole grain crackers and hummus. This is a great snack option. Hummus is a good source of protein as well as a complex carbohydrate, plus it feels just like chips and dip.
    • Janey included roasted chickpeas for a fast and easy source of fibre and protein.

    Although I am a huge advocate of snacking I do not recommend just snacking for the sake of snacking. Often times if there are snacks around us while we are watching television or out with friends we eat mindlessly and take no note of the overall consumption. Pay attention to the difference between, Physical Hunger vs. Emotional, Social or Mental Hunger

    • Emotional hunger can happen when we are having a bad day and reach for comfort food, or it could be when we receive a promotion at work and want to go out and celebrate with food and drinks. This can create a judgments/criticisms or reward association with food and it leads to a detrimental relationship. 


    • Mental hunger can be centered on certain habits you have associated with food. For example it could be eating at the same time everyday, or thinking we have to finish everything on our plate because you don’t want to waste food. Again, this is creating an unhealthy relationship.


    • Social hunger is best illustrated when you are out with a particular friend and you always order appetizers, entrees and desserts or, when you are at a gathering and everyone else is snacking so naturally you decide you are hungry and join in. These choices are not mindful and like the examples above create an unhealthy relationship.

    Pay attention to your body’s physical hunger signs and do not be afraid of it. It’s natural to be physically hungry, but don’t panic and eat everything in sight (or get super “hangry” like myself). Snack a bit on one of the healthy options above and be mindful of the amount. Slow down and enjoy the snack, you will be surprised how quickly you will fill up despite the smaller portions.

    Remember to do the best you can in each given situation, and the best way to do that is to be prepared. Eating healthy snacks might be easier than you think; sometimes you just have to put a little work in. 

     Sylvie – OG lifestyles


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