Although you might have expected me to talk about the holidays and “surviving” the parties, cookie swaps and big dinners, I’m not going to. Why? Because to be honest I don’t believe you need to, if you bring mindfulness and awareness to your choices you shouldn’t have to avoid the gingerbread man during this time of year.
Enjoy time with loved ones, indulge in what you truly enjoy (this means not wasting your time with those store bought Christmas cookies that taste like cardboard- if that’s your jam then enjoy. I mean indulging in things you can’t possibly pass up, like your aunt’s to die for sticky rum pudding -that’s what I’m talking about). My advice? Continue to get your workouts in and load up on veggies. I posted earlier about adding before you subtract!

So what DO I want to talk about?

I want to talk about dance parties. My father is an amazing musician, guitar teacher and generally kick ass person. I grew up around music, and luckily inherited some rhythm, although my younger sister really takes the cake with her split jump routine. My mother also loves music and dancing, she takes a weekly Zumba class and has my sisters and I in stitches doing her Zumba routine to T-swifts ” shake it off”. I’m not going to lie it was really fun. I have them to thank for my love of dance and music because it has always been a huge part of my life and I consider it a vital part of my health regime. 

Today I continue to get down with my bad self (line from Johnny-T- my dad). My morning regiment starts with music. Whether I am making my morning juice/breakfast or getting ready for the day. Music is what gets me pumped up for my day. When I am in my zone I genuinely believe I sing like Adele with Beyoncé-esque moves. Dancing always puts me in a great mood and ready to embrace my day.

Although I typically refrain from dancing on public transport, I also love to listen to music during my daily commute to see clients. I have definitely taken a hard fall on ice once or twice from being in the zone and channelling my inner Beyoncé walk (you know the walk!). So caution: while listening to your jam make sure you are aware of your surroundings.

So how does this tie into my typical healthily lifestyle blog? Listening to music is a form of mediation for me, it really sets the tone for my mood and generally makes me feel good. Music has the power to lift you up when you are sad, get you excited, calm you down or get a swell on by hitting the dance floor for a workout. (I don’t know about you but I have had some of the best times in my life on the dance floor) Music is self expression, it is said that you can tell a lot about a person by their playlist – and yes we all have those embarrassing songs that show their face on shuffle and you blame your sister for having linked her iTunes account to yours. I say embrace it, I will admit right here and now that I have a serious mix ranging from T-Swift to Otis Redding to ASAP Rocky and I’m not ashamed of it. Plus I am becoming a beliber– there it is.

I have come to the realization that dancing and listening to music is amazing for your health. So thanks to my parents for teaching me to move and start my day off with music because it truly is a healthy habit that I am grateful for. In light of the festive season I think it is important to embrace your inner Beyoncé and dance your butt off. Bring out your inner Rhi Rhi or Bey and get in a bonus workout and dance.

Enjoy your time with loved ones and get rid of your guilt associated with the holiday indulgences, make the best possible choices you can to be healthy and happy. And if that means having a glass of rum and eggnog,  go for it.

Here is my current get pumped up playlist. (Yes I am aware there is no theme and it is all over the place but I like it that way.)

My current get pumped up playlist:
Adele – Send my love (to you new lover)
The Chainsmokers – Roses
Actors – Bravestation
Justin Beiber – Sorry
Cold War Kids – First
DJ Snake – Middle
Coldplay – Adventure of a lifetime
Mr Probz – Waves
Duke Dumont – I Got U
Fetty Wap – Trap Queen
Nathaniel Ratelif and the Night Sweats – S.O.B
And basically Ella Fitzgerald’s entire Christmas album. Can’t go through the holidays without it.

Live, laugh, dance and be merry!

-Sylvie (OG Lifestyles)

This post is dedicated to my family and all my close friends who rip up the d-floor with me (you know who you are).

Ps. I would love to hear from you, how does music influence your life? What does your morning routine involve? What is on your playlist right now?


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