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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

That quote is the basis behind our brand new program. What’s better than one Ginja Ninja Strength Coach? Two of course!

We (Sylvie and Jamie) joined forces after working out at the same gym for several months and starting to notice that we kind of looked alike, trained similar and it turns out had several things in common including the same profession. We became friends and workout buddies and now train five days a week together. Having a training partner that is equally dedicated and supportive was the best thing either of us could have done for our progress!

We realized that if we wanted to elevate our game we needed to set some strength goals and hold ourselves accountable.

Enter the pull-up.

Our goal for the end of this past summer was to hit 10 chin-ups, and we reached it! Along the way, we received so much fantastic feedback from you guys we decided to develop a pull-up program.  The pull-up is one of the best exercises for the upper body and core strength, not to mention how good it feels to get your chin over that bar, something is liberating about the whole exercise.

What is the GN Strength Series: The Pull-Up

This program developed out of our passion for helping others master the pull-up. It was not an easy journey for us, and we still get nervous when we step up to the bar to test our pull-ups but with consistent hard work you can become a pull-up machine. We took our time developing this program because we wanted to get it just right. We used ourselves and our clients to beta-test the product, and it’s finally ready!  The Pull-Up is a ‘go at your own pace’ program with  2 levels each comprised of 4 phases.

What’s Included in the program?

  • Pull- Up Manual and How-To Guide for following the program
  • 2- Level Program comprised of 4 Phases
  • Progression Instructions
  • Downloadable On-The-Go Program
  • Exercise Videos for Support
  • BONUS: Pre/Post Workout Nutrition Guide

Who is it for?

This program has something for everyone. We designed it in two different levels so that regardless of your starting spot we’ve got you covered. Struggling for one? Comfortable performing 2-3 reps? Either way, this program is here for you!

Who is it NOT for?

This program will require consistent hard work including a commitment to training 2-3 times a week minimum with all of the accessory work. The pull-up is a difficult exercise, and difficult things require time to master.  You’ll need consistency, volume, and patience for the pull-up.

What can you expect by the end of the program?

We can make no guaranteed promises that you will be 100% successful on this program, but with experimentation on ourselves and tons of client’s, plus a cumulative 20 years of experience as strength trainers, we hope, and believe, that you will be a pull-up machine by the end of this program.

How is the program delivered?

The program is delivered completely online and designed for you to complete at your own pace.

Everyone is different in how you will progress, so we give you specific goals to reach in for each phase to signal it is time to move on. The goals are skill based rather than time, so you’ll know you’re ready for the next step.


Do I need access to a gym to take this program?

You will need access to a gym for the majority of the exercises, but a well-equipped home gym with a pull-up bar should work fine. If in doubt ask us.

What equipment will I need for the program?

As mentioned above, you will need assistance bands, a foam roller and a lacrosse ball throughout the program which could be considered specialty items. The rest of the program utilizes standard gym equipment (bench, cable machine, pull-up bar, DB’s, etc.)

What if I am already following a strength training program? Can I still follow along the with the pull-up program?

Absolutely! You can use this program while focusing on your strength training program. We have designed the program as a “create your own adventure” so you have flexibility in the exercises you choose with a focus on the mandatory pull-up exercises and assistance exercises.

Are there extra costs with the program?

The only extra costs for the program will be dependant on how well stocked your gym is. You’ll need assistance bands, a lacrosse ball, and a foam roller and if they are not available at your gym we will steer you in the right direction on where to purchase the equipment.

I have a hectic life and don’t always get to the gym three times a week will I still be able to take this program?

Although you will have the best results following the program a minimum of 3 times a week, the program is designed to go at your own pace and would merely take longer. Life happens, and we understand that. That’s why our goals are used to indicate progress to the next phase as opposed to time. This will be different for everyone depending on your individual development.

If I have questions am I able to reach out to one of you?

Of Course! We will both be offering our help in a chat section when you join the pull-up program to help support you in your journey.

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“Sylvie’s Inner Athlete Program is tremendously effective at taking your personal performance to the next level. Not only is she incredibly talented and knowledgeable, she is also highly attuned to your personal needs as a client. She listens intently, and her coaching style allows you both to discover paths forward that you may not have considered before, but end up allowing you to break through to the next level of personal performance. Nutrition is a deeply personal thing, and Sylvie invests a lot of one-on-one time getting to know you, your goals, your body, and what works best for you as an individual. I can’t wait to collaborate with Sylvie again in the future. Thank you!”

— Justin Smith

“Sylvie Tetrault is the only person who can pry the white potatoes out of this prairie girl’s hands. When I first started the Inner Athlete program I was waking up exhausted and bloated every morning. With just a few subtle but significant tweaks to my diet, Sylvie boasted my energy levels and digestion significantly. I now wake up before my alarm goes off and the afternoon slump is a thing of the past. Most importantly to me, she worked with my busy schedule and vegetarian diet and didn’t see either of those as negatives or things that needed to change. In finishing the Inner Athlete program, I feel I have the tools and knowledge to continue feeling healthy and strong in the years to come. Thanks Sylvie.

— S. Eggett