Most Valuable Goal Challenge


“Everybody wants the gold medal but few want to train like an Olympian”

— James Clear

Sitting comfortably on your couch, reflecting and writing down what you want to accomplish is the easy part. The real challenge is taking small actions and making the daily sacrifices to achieve that goal. Are you willing to live the lifestyle required for success? Can you commit to the tedious step-by-step process? Do you want to but aren’t sure where to start?

Great news, I am here to help you reach those goals!!

In this challenge, I’ll be teaching you the systems and approaches that both myself and my clients use, to achieve their goals. It’s not random luck! 

The prerequisite for joining this challenge is choosing a health goal.

Below are some examples:

  • I want to do a pull-up by the end of November
  • I want to lose 5lbs by the end of November
  • I want to meal prep every week
  • I want to complete a stretch routine every morning
  • I want to meditate every day
  • I want to increase my endurance and start training for a marathon in the spring

Once you’ve chosen a goal, and written it down, but more on that later, you’re ready to start learning how to achieve it.

What will you receive in the goal setting challenge? 

What will you receive in the goal setting challenge? 

  • A goal setting workbook where you will record daily progress on the path to success
  • A daily email with strategies to build your personal goal achieving system
  • Book and resources recommendation for a little extra motivation and to help with accountability

This challenge is FREE! It was time for me to set and achieve a new goal, and I wanted to share in that process with you! Public declarations are great ways to keep accountability, and every day we will need to post in our stories or feed with the hashtag #MVGChallenge

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