Inner Athlete Program

Do you want to take back control of your nutrition and lifestyle?

You know the feeling when you know you have more to offer, when you want to perform your best at work, in the gym, and at home with your family? Yet you are struggling to truly understand what is missing, what is wrong? You try to work harder, hoping that doubling your efforts will yield a return but that ends up feeling worthless and the strain is starting to show in all areas of your life. You're tired, unmotivated and sluggish.  At work you think of home, at home you think of work and the cycle continues endlessly. I do, I've been there. 

Our nutritional and lifestyle habits have a direct correlation to how we perform in all aspects of our lives. This is why I created the Inner Athlete Nutrition And Lifestyle Coaching Program

There has always been a buzz around athletes, people idolize and admire, they WANT to be around them, be like them.  If you ask most 8 year olds what they want to be when they grow up 75 percent of them will tell you a professional athlete. We revere them for their physicality, endless energy and their lifestyle. I know I do. They have to take their nutrition and lifestyle seriously and as a result perform optimally in their sport. YOU CAN TOO! I want to help you perform like an athlete and create the healthy lifestyle I know you are capable of living!

What is the Inner Athlete Coaching Program?

This is a one-on-one elite introduction coaching program, we will be working up close and personal for 8- weeks customizing your nutrition and create a healthy lifestyle. From my experience working with hundreds of clients, both as a Strength Coach and Nutritionist I have noticed that every single person has an Inner Athlete inside. My goal is to help you discover the right nutritional plan and lifestyle to perform your absolute best at whatever it is you choose. This program focuses on developing new, healthy nutritional habits while making changes to existing habits that are not helping you succeed.

What is included in the program?

  • Four Key Educational Modules designed to help you be more consistent with your eating habits, develop new healthy nutritional habits and gain control over your diet. (Each module is 2 weeks long.)
  • Weekly coaching email/video on the focus for the week with homework to help guide you through the step by step process to building a healthy lifestyle.
  • Workbook/weekly homework keeping you accountable to long lasting change. 
  • Individual intake and consultation with myself in order to establish a baseline and goals for the program.
  • Individualized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations in order to feel your best and bring out your inner athlete. 
  • An easy guide to meal preparation for active and busy people. 
  • Weekly PDF Nutritional Resources (including meal and snack options, grocery lists, recipes and lifestyle recommendations).
  • Weekly follow-up conversations with myself (7 follow up sessions) 
  • Ongoing email support. 

Who is it for?

  • Someone who is dedicated to taking their nutrition to the next level, invested in performing optimally at work, home and during exercise/activity.
  • Someone who is sick of guessing what the best food and nutritional plan is for them and wants to create consistency in their eating patterns. 
  • Someone who wants to make their nutritional habits a lifestyle and avoid the ups and downs of dieting.
  •  Someone who is active and would like to know how to assist their workouts with nutrition and recovery strategies.
  • Someone interested in learning the information behind living a healthy lifestyle.
  •  Someone who is interested in building up resiliency to stress through nutrition and lifestyle changes. 

Who it it NOT for?

  • Someone looking to go on a short term “diet” or just a meal plan. This program is about understanding your body to live a healthy lifestyle. This is an ongoing process and there is no quick easy fix to changing lifestyle habits. 
  • Someone who might have serious digestive issues, autoimmune disease, hormonal disturbances or other more severe health issues. (In this case I would recommend to work with me on a one on one coaching basis, I also encourage you to reach out to me regardless for further discussion)
  • Someone who is not serious about putting in the hard work and effort in order to make long term nutritional and lifestyle changes. 

What will we be covering?

  • Identifying nutritional habits and a step by step guide to making long lasting healthy changes.
  • The science behind food and activity and how it pertains to your schedule specifically.
  • A breakdown on digestion and gut health to optimize nutritional efforts. 
  • How to achieve a mindset shift from the short term fix (dieting) to a healthy sustainable lifestyle.
  • Putting it all together; How to create the best nutritional plan for you moving forward.
  • We will be in contact consistently and making your health a priority (without meal prepping for 2 hours a day).
  • Tools and strategies to handle stress and build up a resiliency. 

What can you expect by the end of the program?

  • Develop new healthy nutritional habits and change old unhealthy nutritional habits.
  • Learn what foods work best for your body resulting in optimal performance in all areas of life.
  • Live a sustainable healthy lifestyle without having to go on extreme workout plans and diets. 
  • Uncover your Inner Athlete and feel unstoppable! 

How is the program delivered?

Aside from the initial phone or Skype consultation, all of the content will be delivered via email (including videos for each module over the next two weeks). After you purchase the program you will receive a Thank You Page where you will be directed to confirm your opt- in to the program. The program will begin with an email and focus starting Monday January 22nd and will run for 8 weeks!


Do I have to be an athlete or workout to join this program?

  • No! You do not need to be an athlete to take this program, this is for anyone looking to perform their best in all aspects of their lives. You do not need be currently exercising in order to take this program, although it would help it is not a pre-requisite. Getting started with this nutrition and lifestyle program will be a good introduction to getting started with an exercise plan

I have a really busy life, will I still be able to participate in this program? 

  • Yes, absolutely! This program is designed in 4 modules that you will be focusing on at your own convenience. The content will be delivered via email and I will do her best to accommodate your ideal times for the initial consultation and follow up sessions. 

Will I have extra costs after purchasing the program?

  • No, I will make recommendations on  food choices and possibly appropriate supplementation BUT this is a whole foods based program and it is entirely up to you what you choose to purchase.

Do I have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen in order to participate in this program? 

  • Not if you don't want to. My goal is to make meal preparation easy and something you enjoy! I have included a meal preparation guideline for busy individuals (all of us!), including interesting meal ideas so you aren't stuck eating bland chicken breast and broccoli out of tupperware. 

What are clients saying about Sylvie's nutrition and lifestyle coaching programs?

"Sylvie's Inner Athlete Program is tremendously effective at taking your personal performance to the next level. Not only is she incredibly talented and knowledgeable, she is also highly attuned to your personal needs as a client. She listens intently, and her coaching style allows you both to discover paths forward that you may not have considered before, but end up allowing you to break through to the next level of personal performance. Nutrition is a deeply personal thing, and Sylvie invests a lot of one-on-one time getting to know you, your goals, your body, and what works best for you as an individual. I can't wait to collaborate with Sylvie again in the future. Thank you!" -Justin Smith
"Sylvie Tetrault is the only person who can pry the white potatoes out of this prairie girl’s hands. When I first started the Inner Athlete program I was waking up exhausted and bloated every morning. With just a few subtle but significant tweaks to my diet, Sylvie boasted my energy levels and digestion significantly. I now wake up before my alarm goes off and the afternoon slump is a thing of the past. Most importantly to me, she worked with my busy schedule and vegetarian diet and didn’t see either of those  as negatives or things that needed to change. In finishing the Inner Athlete program, I feel I have the tools and knowledge to continue feeling healthy and strong in the years to come. Thanks Sylvie.
-S. Eggett
"I have worked with a number of trainers and nutritionists over the years, with varying levels of success... and then along came Sylvie and her Inner Athlete Program. The program itself is fabulous, but what makes it stand out from any other program I've ever been involved with is Sylvie. Sylvie took a genuine interest in me. She took the time to get to know me, to understand what it was I wanted to achieve, what my challenges were, and then she worked with me to design a solution specifically for me. AND she didn't just disappear at the end of the 8 weeks... not that she could have gotten rid of me even if she wanted to!"- Lori Braun
"I signed up for Sylvie’s Inner Athlete Nutrition And Lifestyle Coaching Program in order to gain useful tips to improve my overall eating habits, especially with our busy schedules at work & home; however, I came away with a lot more.  Sylvie helped me bring awareness to how my daily routine impacted my existing habits.  This realization, and discussing what I wanted to gain from this program for my entire family, enabled Sylvie to customize this program to my needs & address topics that were specific to me reaching my goals.  Sylvie always made herself available to discuss any issues or concerns I had.  In addition, her experience in working with anyone from office workers to professional athletes brought great insight to the program.  I highly recommend Sylvie to anyone that wants to make those healthy changes to their lifestyle, especially those like me that think there is never enough time in a day." - Navi Dhami
"I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Sylvie years ago in Toronto. Sylvie's intelligence, motivation, and drive has always been an inspiration to me. I noticed her blogs, and then that she was launching her IA Program. I knew I wanted to give it a try and get some extra help and knowledge from an expert. The IA Program kept me accountable, taught me to focus on healthy habits not specific foods or calories. Each section of the program added value to the last and before I knew it things that I had to focus on became habit (the ultimate goal). Sylvie checks in weekly with a FaceTime call which I feel is very helpful to actually "see" the person on the other end and have a coffee and chat about the past week and the week coming up. Sylvie's approach to lifestyle and diet will be helpful to anyone joining the IA Program. This program is a lifestyle not a quick fix. I am a CSEP-CPT and even with all my own knowledge and previous healthy habits Sylvie taught me new healthy habits, as well she gave me a shift on my views to help me have a healthier relationship with food. Sylvie personalizes this program to who you are and your needs, this is one of my favourite aspects! You will end this program feeling like a new person!"- Nicole Bade
"Sylvie is an outstanding resource for anyone looking to take their nutrition to the next level. Sylvie provided me with a customized nutrition plan tailored to my needs and performance goals. Sylvie is as knowledgeable as they come and genuinely cares about educating and improving the lives of those she works with" - Andy Chiodo (Professional Hockey Player) 
"I have worked with Sylvie for number of years and believe she is a very talented professional in the wellness industry with expertise in functional training, holistic nutrition and recovery strategies. While very talented in all areas, I believe Sylvie's greatest strength is her ability to integrate all these facets of wellness into individualized plans that give her clients the greatest opportunity for success. She recognizes that  every client is unique and remains focussed  on their individual needs to create a framework that offers them a healthy lifestyle."- Gary Roberts (Ex- NHL veteran of 21 years)
"In order to maintain my health and fitness levels, I sought out the advice of a professional in both fitness and nutrition. Sylvie continues to provide guidance and advice to support my goals. We have been working together for more than three years, I would absolutely endorse Sylvie for anyone truly interested in their well-being"- Dan O'Toole
"What a blessing it is to have Sylvie in my life! Her authentic, heart felt approach to my overall health and well-being has changed my life. Sylvie is able to connect with her clients on a deep and very personal  level. I truly believe Sylvie has found her calling" - Miranda Sheppard